About Us

John Sawyer attended culinary school in 1997 and pursued his goal of cooking within the military, but the dream was cut short after an injury curbed his ability to remain in the Army and work in the kitchens he so loved.

After an honorable medical discharge and needing to pay the bills at 20 years old John reverted back to what he remembered most in high school. Typing class. 75 wpm got him an entry level job at Wells Fargo and the rest is history.

15 years of Corporate America later John found that the old cliche is true. Money does not buy happiness. So he took a leap of faith and decided to buy a small restaurant focused on something he and the rest of the county grew to love more every day. Chicken Wings. On may 1st 2014 Wing Town and a relentless passion was born.

Spending lots of time in Peru with his girlfriend's family John knew he had to put a "Latin touch" on his homemade sauces & sides. Merging the cultures of Peru, Chili, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, and other regions of Latin America John now shares the flavors he has found in the gringo way he knows best.

Wing Town is focused on quality, made from scratch recipes, and most of all great customer service. As the only authentic chicken wing delivery in the area and offering a lunch, dinner, and late night weekend menu Wing Town strives to bring chicken wings to a higher level within the neighborhood.

Come see us today and we'll make sure the big screens have the game you want to see or the stereo is playing just the right music you want to hear. Or stay at home and call us for a quick delivery. Our techniques assure your wings arrive at your door hot, fresh, and tasting just like you ordered them over the counter. We love alitas de pollo and the power of pure saucesomeness. Let us share this passion with you.

1. Snack Time $7.59 (5 Chicken Wings, Small Fry, 1 Dip, 1 Drink)

2. Ol Sixer $8.79 (6 Wings, Small Fry, Veggies with Dip, 1 Drink)

3. Ocho Loco $9.99 (8 Wings, 1 Chicken Egg Roll, 1 Dinner Roll, Small Fry, 1 Drink)

4. Diggity Dozen $15.49 (12 Wings, Medium Fry, Veggies with Dip, Small Drink)

5. Sweet 16 $18.99 (16 Wings, Large Fry, 1 Dessert, 2 Dips)

6. Case of Saucesome $26.99 (24 Wings, Large Fry, 2 Drinks, 4 Dips)

7. Forty Something $42.49 (40 Wings, Large Fry, 1 Side or Dessert, 2 Liter Soda, 6 Dips, Veggies)

8. Tender Bender $7.49 (3 Tenders, Small Fry, 1 Dip, Small Drink)

9. Tenderham Lincoln $13.79 (5 Tenders, Large Fry, 2 Dips, Small Drink)

10. Half a Hundy $48.99 (50 Wings, 2 Large Fry, 2 Liter, 4 Dips)

Alitas de Pollo, Pure Saucesomeness
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Wing Town is not a stop, or a street, or wild for that matter. We are part of your town and neighborhood. We focus on beyond excellent customer service, homemade sauces with fresh ingredients, and unique flavors with a lot of gringo love and just the right Latin touch. Whether your dining during normal hours, or stopping by on the weekends after last call for a quick snack, the music, TV's, and sauce sampling will keep you busy while we prepare your meal to order. Should you want to stay on your couch and veg out instead, no problem. We bring the wings right to your door hot and ready to be devoured.

Ask your current "wing place" to show you how they cut the wings and make the sauces from scratch daily. Or wait, you better not........

Wing Town keeps their prices so low because we put in the work to prepare our food from the ground up. Fresh food tastes better, and better tasting food makes customers happy. Come experience our Alitas de Pollo and Pure Saucesomeness.

M E N U  

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  • Chicken Wings - Alitas De Pollo

    Bone-in, always fresh, 100% hormone free, and Whole. We'll bread them or cut them up if you like. Just ask! Boneless are just like our traditional only we skip the bone, use all white-meat chix breasts, and lightly bread to order.

    • 6 wings - $5.49 / 30 wings - $23.49
    • 10 wings - $7.99 / 50 wings - $37.99
    • 16 wings - $12.49 / 70 wings - $52.49
    • 20 wings - $15.49 / 100 wings - $63.99
    • Bread your bone-in wings for $.50 (per 5 wings)
    • 2 oz cups of Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard $.50 each

  • Sauces

    • Buff: Mild / Med / Hot / Garlic Parm
    • BBQ: Honey / Smokey / Spicy
    • Lemon Pepper: Spicy / Honey / Smokey
      • Additional Unique Flavors
      • - Garlic Parm
      • - Cajun
      • - Teriyai
      • Ask about our sauce of the month!

  • Sandwich Combo's - All $5.99

    Served with all the expected goodies and a heaping pile of seasoned hand cut fries.

    (Substitute wedge or sweet potato fries for $.99)

    • Chicken Tender Sandwich - Using the same wonderful breasteses as our boneless wings and lightly breaded. We'll toast your buns and sauce your pollo just the way you like it!
    • Chicken Salad Sandwich - Venturing onto the healthier side of the tracks and loving it.
    • Fish Sandwich - Boring name, but with our homemade buffalo tartar sauce, magic ensues.

  • Things n' Chips

    Whether you choose fries or potato chips, the basket will serve you well on your journey.

    • Wings n' Chips $8.99 (8)
    • Tenders n' Chips $7.39 (3)
    • Fish n' Chips $8.49 (3)
    • Shrimp n' Chips $8.69 (10)
    • Chips n' Chips $4.99 (You don't really expect us to count these)
    • Steak Fries/Sweet Potato Fries/Wedge Fries

  • Other Stuff

    We've created a category that has no name. Writing "Things made from scratch daily in our kitchen that will change your life" seemed a bit too long.

    • Chicken Eggs - $3.99 Our homemade Chicken Jalapeno Poppers puts an end to the ongoing debate. They came at the same time!.
    • Chicken & Waffles - $4.29 Breakfast, lunch, dinner, after bar kicks you out snack? Who cares, its freaking chicken & waffles!
    • Salchipapa - $3.99 Our hand cut fries tossed with chicken sausage and a side of tangy lemon pepper mayo. Possibly the most amazing hang-over preventer ever created.

  • Sides

    For some these could be whole meals but who are we kidding.

    • Sampler - $8.79 Not sure what to get? Our fried cornucopia of goodness is here to save the day!
      • Crispy Pork Belly
      • Fried Shrimp
      • Corn Fritters
      • Spicy Pickle Chips
      • Potato Wedges
      • Onion Rings
    • Seasoned Hand Cut Fries - sm. $1.79 med. $2.49 lg. $3.99
    • Fried Shrimp - 6 pc. $4.39 12 pc. $7.99
    • Everything else $3.99
      • Seasoned Potato Wedges
      • Sweet Corn Fritters
      • Mozz Sticks
      • Onion Rings
      • Spicy Pickle Chips
      • Fried Mushrooms

  • You're not alone...At least not tonight!

    Keep it simple - $19.79

    • 16 wings (2 sauces)
    • 2 Dips (Ranch/Bleu)
    • 1 Large Fry
    • Two 20oz Drinks

    More than Simple - $28.99

    • 20 wings (2 sauces)
    • 2 Dips (Ranch/Bleu)
    • Side of Choice (3.99 value)
    • 1 Dessert
    • Two 20oz Drinks

    Family Time- $29.99

    • 30 wings (3 sauces)
    • 2 Dips (Ranch/Bleu)
    • Large Fry
    • 2 Liter

  • Kid's Meals

    Boneless & Fries - $4.49

    Tenders & Fries - $4.49

    Kid's Pack - $5.49

    • Mozz Sticks (2)
    • Steak Fries (sm)
    • Corn Nuggets (6)
    • Chicken Tender (2)

  • Desserts

    Go ahead, it's your cheat day...

    • Cheesecake - $3.99
    • Chocolate Mousse Cake - $3.99